Engineered Sales Products
Engineered Sales Products Engineered Sales Products

Banner Engineering
Photoelectric Controls
Glass and Plastic Fiber Optic Assemblies
Safety and Measuring Light Curtains
Machine Safety Interlock Switches
E-Stop and Anti-Tie-Down Relays
Ultrasonic Sensors
Lighting and Indicators
Gauging Products
Wireless Network Products

Turck Inc.
Inductive and Capacitive Proximity Switches
Molded Cordsets and Connectors
Intrinsically Safe Amplifiers
General Purpose Relays
Liquid Level Control
Flow Sensors
Linear Displacement Transducers

InterlinkBT (now part of Turck)
Device Level, Actuator Interconnect and Bus Products compatible with DeviceNet, SDS, Profibus DP, Foundation Fieldbus and Seriplex Systems.
Multiplexed input/output bus systems compatible with DeviceNet, ASI, Profibus DP, Interbus S, PLC and PC-based topologies.
Digital and Analog capability, hardwire or fiber-optic connection.

Din Rail supplies: MiniLine, SilverLine, Dimension
Single phase and three phase AC/DC supplies
DC/DC Converters
Redundant Power Modules
AS-interface Power Supplies
Product offerings from 2.1 to 40 Amps
DC-UPS Buffer Modules, Batteries and Mounting Kits
International certifications


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